News from 03/05/2009 (Optim Consult)
Optim Consult will take part in the international summit of the cement industry
Leading experts of the company led by general director Eugeny Kolesovym are invited in the beginning of April to Peking to the Chinese international summit of the cement industry. Within the framework of action 1 - also the Round table on questions of the control above environmental contaminations and to problems энергосбережения and 10-I the Chinese international exhibition of cement technologies and the equipment April, 3 are held.
At forthcoming summit participation more than 600 leaders of the largest Chinese and foreign cement enterprises is expected. During meeting at the summit discussion of such questions, as influence of world(global) financial crisis on economic and a cement industry as a whole is planned; use of resources макроуправления in system of regional development; tendencies and the forecast of development of the market of cement to Chinese People's Republic, and also research of the developing world markets.
Besides in discussion behind a round table heads of the Chinese Ministry on protection of an environment are going to present the plan " to the eleventh пятилетки " on questions энергосбережения and struggle against the pollution caused by work of the cement enterprises.
" We always try to accept active participation in the actions connected to branch development, cement branch not exception ", - Eugeny Kolesov, the general director of company Optim Consult being a member of the Chinese association of manufacturers of cement marks. " Besides summit, undoubtedly, will allow to come into the international contacts, will promote an effective exchange of technological experience and scientific knowledge between participants, will assist in promotion of the newest technologies in various branches, regions and the countries. Lumpsum arranged summit, a round table and an exhibition of the cement industry will be in the sort unprecedented and scale event in the sphere. Besides, I would like to exchange opinions with our old partners concerning their vision of prospects of the further cooperation. Today our deliveries of cement to Russia were reduced to 20 %, and I am disturbed with this fact. It would be desirable to have a talk with some Chinese heads confidentially to understand a real situation ", - makes comments Колесов.