News from 08/27/2009 (Optim Consult)
Optim Consult prepares for the Asian chemical congress
September, 13 a number(line) of experts of company Optim Consult are sent to Shanghai where will begin the work 13-th Asian chemical congress in which intend to take part more than 2 thousand person representing 28 countries of the world. Experts and scientists, businessmen and state employees will gather to discuss most pressing questions and the latest innovations in sphere of the chemical industry. Besides lines of reports and presentations, at an exhibition work about 25 thousand exhibition stands where unique development and projects of world(global) scientists will be submitted is supposed - is not casual a place of realization the International exhibition conference - centre of Shanghai known all over the world was elected. The federation of the Asian chemical societies, the Chinese academy of sciences, the Shanghai institute of organic chemistry, Chemical societies of China, Germany and the Great Britain is not full list of eminent participants of action. Pride of organizers participation in the Congress of 2 Nobel winners from Japan is special.

As Eugeny Kolesov has noted, the general director of company Optim Consult advising on questions of business with China, the chemical congress begins " both unique event among professorate, and effective business - jumping-off place for businessmen, having opened both before those, and before others new opportunities for the further work ".

" Unfortunately, we did not manage to take part in the given Congress earlier. That this year it(he) will be carried out(spent) in China, we have regarded as the rare case presented to us. This action will be very interesting to the experts of the company who are more than once carrying out(spending) researches of some chemical products on inquiries of our clients. Clearly, that the greatest interest for us is represented such thematic to section, as the industrial and polymeric chemistry, with promising big prospects for business. However I am sure, as other themes appear not less interesting and will bring a wide experience to all participants ", - Eugeny Kolesov has noted.

Work of the Asian chemical congress will be prolonged till September, 16.