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Research of the chemical market of Chinese People's Republic
Experts of company Optim Consult carry out(spend) original marketing Research of the chemical market of Chinese People's Republic. Studying of the given branch having strategic value in economy of Chinese People's Republic by virtue of inclusion in the state list of priority branches of the country, has allowed to answer a number(line) of pressing questions and to draw objective significant conclusions on the basis of the found out factors.

Objects of research became the following chemical products:
- каустическая soda (liquid);
- каустическая soda (firm);
- Chlorine liquid;
- A hydrochloric acid;
- гипохлорит sodium;
- Three-chloride phosphorus;
- Five-sulphurous phosphorus;
- ингибиторы adjournment of mineral salts;
- Means of protection of plants;
- Polycrystalline silicon;
- поливинилхлорид;
- трихлорсилан.

The given research represents the deep description and the exhaustive analysis of structure and features of the chemical market of China on each of the designated positions.


- The basic characteristics and properties of each researched product are given;
- Ways of their manufacture, direct use in various industries are in detail described;
- The basic tendencies of the world(global) chemical market are opened;
- Volumes of manufacture and their dynamics(changes) in the market of Chinese People's Republic for the last 3 and a half of one year are found out;
- Dispersal of the branch enterprises in territory of China is revealed;
- The prices for the specified chemical products are given, the comparative characteristic on different regions is given; the forecast of dynamics(changes) of the prices is made in view of internal and external political and economic situations in the country;
- The quantitative and qualitative data of volumes of export and import of chemical products Chinese People's Republic are given, on the basis of concrete data the comparative analysis is carried out(spent);
- The basic players in the chemical market of China are investigated, the address base of the largest of 10 manufacturers is given;
- The accent(stress) on a state policy of Chinese People's Republic, касаемой вышеозначенной branches is made;
- Process of the control of manufacture of researched chemical products is described;
- On the basis of the various received information prospects of development of the market of chemical production till 2009 are analysed.

The methodology of the submitted work includes the room research based on the analysis of open sources, the analysis of expert estimations and express train - interrogation of experts of the companies of chemical branch.

The given research will be interesting
- To the marketing, consulting companies and the advertising agencies working in chemical branch;
- To the investors, planning to leave or already carrying out the activity in the given market;
- To the companies working in textile, metallurgical, pharmaceutical, chemical, medical, pulp-and-paper and petroleum industries in Russia and the countries of the postSoviet space.

Strategically focused marketing Research of the chemical market of Chinese People's Republic represents a full detailed picture of a condition of the chemical market of China, allowing to estimate possible(probable) positions of the customer and to receive practical recommendations for the companies interested or already conducting work in the given sphere. Work is designed for use as the unique and capacious database containing the key significant moments and absolutely suitable to the basic source of guides to action at planning of activity of the companies, drawing up of business - plans and development of the strategic projects, having by the ultimate goal increase of an overall performance and development of the enterprise.

Date of an output(exit) of research - August, 2008
Quantity(amount) of pages in research - 65
Cost of research - 57 000 (fifty thousand) roubles

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