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The state-of-the-art review: the Largest exhibitions of China
Date of an output(exit): 25.12.2006
Quantity(amount) of pages: 29

The purpose of research: Granting of the information on exhibitions of Chinese People's Republic.

Questions of the state-of-the-art review " the Largest exhibitions of China (Chinese People's Republic' ":

The name of an exhibition:

In English:

In Russian:

Emblem of an exhibition:


Place of realization:

The contact data:

( the Address, the phone, a fax, е-mail)

The general information on an exhibition:

Time of realization:

The area of an exhibition:

Quantity(amount) of stands an exhibition:

Quantity(amount) of kinds of exhibitors:

Total sum of the bargains made at an exhibition:

Quantity(amount) of the countries of participants:

Quantity(amount) of participants:

Quantity(amount) of buyers:

Cost of participation:

The address of the exhibition centre:

Display exhibits:

The service rendered at an exhibition:

Cost of registration of the miss(passing) on an exhibition:

The documents necessary for registration of visitors and participants of an exhibition:

Information base of research

· Own database Optim Consult International Co., Ltd.

· Materials of statistical departments of Russia and Chinese People's Republic.

· the Total of the specialized exhibitions and seminars.

· the Analysis of annual activity of the trading and transport companies.

· the Data of companies - manufacturers.

· Branch periodicals.

· Results of the carried out(spent) researches.

· Clauses(articles) in the Chinese MASS-MEDIA.

· Internet.

Endurances(quotations) from the text:

Prompt rates of growth of economy of China in the last of one and a half ten years stimulated rough development ыставочно-exhibition business in Chinese People's Republic. Today this branch experiences unprecedented boom. Annually the quantity(amount) of exhibitions and fairs is increased on the average by 15-20 %. The subjects of exhibition actions covers practically all industrial branches from mechanical engineering, electronics and metallurgy up to textiles and clothes, an agriculture, transport and logistic, tourism and other services. If until recently only few fairs had the international orientation and, thus, hardly probable were of interest for the foreign companies today the Chinese exhibition market has addressed the person to the world. At support of foreign business in the country large international fairs began to be carried out(spent).

As has shown the analysis of dynamics(changes) of development of the exhibition industry of Chinese People's Republic, in the future there are all preconditions of that China can borrow(occupy) the first places in the list of leaders of the exhibition industry on a global scale.

The important feature marked by experts Optim Consult at performance of the present report, the fact of is that the sums of a revolution of the made bargains have a high degree of reserve since the most part of bargains consists outside of exhibitions. In opinion of participants of exhibitions (representatives of the trading companies interested in purchases in territory of Chinese People's Republic), representatives of the Russian companies, and also representatives of the trading companies of Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan - visiting of exhibitions is caused by necessity of acquaintance to manufacturers, with assortment of production let out by them, studying of novelties and the analysis of activity of competitors.

The maintenance(contents):


1. The Chinese fair of the export goods

2. Харбинская the International Trade and economic Fair

3. The Chinese exhibition of high technologies

4. The Chinese exhibition of electronics, Suzhou

5. The Chinese international automobile exhibition

6. The Chinese exhibition of hardware, metal products and tools

7. The Chinese International exhibition of textile mechanical engineering (CITME)

8. The Восточно-Chinese exhibition

9. A foreign exhibition of trade and economic relations

10. Chinese международня an exhibition of the goods. Иу

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