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Marketing research of the market of manufacturers of fixture of Chinese People's Republic. The analysis of export activity of the factories working with the companies of Russia and the countries of the CIS. The address
Date of an output(exit): 20.07.2006
Quantity(amount) of pages: 48

The purpose of research

Realization of marketing research of manufacturers production, working on export to Russia and the countries of the former CIS. Drawing up of a structure of the reliable manufacturer production in Chinese People's Republic. Definition of prospect of work with the Chinese suppliers of hardware on intermediate term prospect. Development(manufacture) of recommendations for the companies of Chinese People's Republics working with manufacturers. Drawing up pass databases of 10 manufacturers.

Research problems

To estimate prospects of work with manufacturers of hardware in Chinese People's Republic.

To make a structure of the reliable manufacturer of hardware in Chinese People's Republic.

To reveal the complex(difficult) moments of cooperation between the Chinese manufacturers of fixture and the foreign companies and to give explanations as them to pass optimally.

Methods and tools of research

During realization of marketing research the following methods of gathering and the analysis of the information were used:

Gathering of the initial information (it was carried out(spent) in July, 2006.).

Supervision at exhibitions in cities of Shanghais, Peking, Guangzhou, Harbin, Wenchou.

Deep interrogations of heads of factories - manufacturers production.

Interrogations of companies - consumers production of factories of Chinese People's Republic in Russia. Within the framework of realization of the given item(point) the method of the mass formalized interrogation was chosen. For his(its) realization the questionnaires including some questions on work with the Chinese manufacturers on to subjects were developed.

the Logic analysis.

the One-dimensional and multivariate comparative analysis.

the Analysis of variations.

Transformation of the data.

Checking of a solvency of the data.

Calculation of absolute, relative and average sizes.

Statistical updating of the data.

the Method of statistical groupings.

Information base of research

Own database Optim Consult International Co., Ltd.

Materials of statistical departments of Russia and Chinese People's Republic.

the Total of the specialized exhibitions and seminars.

the Analysis of annual activity of the trading and transport companies.

the Data of companies - manufacturers.

Branch periodicals.

Results of the carried out(spent) researches.

Clauses(articles) in the Chinese MASS-MEDIA.


Endurances(quotations) from the text of research:

The largest trading companies of the Russian Federation engaged in realization of fixing production, densely work with manufacturers of fixture in China since 1997. Volumes of purchases of fixture of the large companies in container calculation for the monthly accounting period make about 100 ( hundred) 20- foot containers. If for calculation to take weight of one container, about 25 tons thus, volumes of import China are reduced to 2500 tons of production, for the separate large specialized Russian companies.

Many companies, trying to leave on purchases of fixing production in China, have no sufficient knowledge and understanding of a situation. It results, as a rule, in negative results and losses of market positions. At the same time the building boom in Russia and adjacent republics constantly forces all new and new companies to search for suppliers in territory of China.

The general information concerning all factories, reflected in research.

Production made by factories: fixture. Factories specialize on manufacture of standard standard sizes, if necessary can make and non-standard standard sizes.

During the selection which has been carried out(spent) to the following attributes:

Scale of factory;
Term of work in the market;
Reliability of the prospective supplier;
Nearness to a raw-material base;
Price policy(politics);
Terms of performance of orders;
Opportunity of reception of commodity credits,

Were processed 42 (forty two) factories, from them 10 ( ten) are included in list TOP 10, as the most perspective, potentially representing interest. All factories from list TOP 10 have certificates of conformity on all let out production and, in case of need, are ready to give samples for realization of tests and certifications in the country of the Buyer.

The maintenance(contents):

1. Introduction.

2. A general characteristic of research.

2.1. The purpose of research.

2.2. Research problems.

2.3. Methods and tools of research.

2.4. Information base of research.

3. The general(common) condition, structure and tendencies of development of the market of fixing production in Chinese People's Republic.

3.1. Conditions in the raw markets.

3.2. Technical and technological equipment of enterprises - manufacturers of fixing production.

3.3. A level of development of transport maintenance of export operations.

3.4. A manpower. Efficiency of use.

3.5. Influence of other factors on work with suppliers of Chinese People's Republic.

4. A structure of manufacturers of fixing production in Chinese People's Republic.

4.1. The basic manufacturers of Chinese People's Republic working with the companies of Russia and the countries of the CIS.

4.2. The analysis of export distribution of selling of finished goods factories of continental China.

4.3. Dynamics(changes) of export of fixture with 2000 on 2005.

5. The basic recommendations and offers for the companies working with the Chinese manufacturers of fixing production.

5.1. Search of the Chinese manufacturers of fixture in a network.

5.2. Optimization of transport circuits over China, including consolidation.

5.3. Ways of the decision of complex(difficult) questions to work with manufacturers of China.

The list of appendices:

The appendix 1 Table of conformity to DIN-GOST

The appendix 2 Questionnaire of the manufacturer of fixture 1

The appendix 3 Questionnaire of the manufacturer of fixture 2

The appendix 4 Questionnaire of the manufacturer of fixture 3

The appendix 5 Questionnaire of the manufacturer of fixture 4

The appendix 6 Questionnaire of the manufacturer of fixture 5

The appendix 7 Questionnaire of the manufacturer of fixture 6

The appendix 8 Questionnaire of the manufacturer of fixture 7

The appendix 9 Questionnaire of the manufacturer of fixture 8

The appendix 10 Questionnaire of the manufacturer of fixture 9

The appendix 11 Questionnaire of the manufacturer of fixture 10

The appendix 13 Dynamics(changes) of manufacture of fixture

Diagrams in total 30

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